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SENUKE X REVIEW - HERE IS HOW IT WORKS (SENuke X Unofficial Forum Thread)
Important Note: Before reading further I want you to know a few facts:

1/ I have released some times ago a set of videos, as part of my sold out "From 0 To Profits" training, that many consider the most advanced training for SEnuke. You can read this 32 pages long public forum thread with glowing customer testimonials if you want some powerful social proof.

2/ Areeb, the programmer of SEnuke sent me an email after watching this training stating that he learnt from me a few things he didn't even know SEnuke could do. Yes the videos were that advanced and at the same time easy enough to understand.

3/ The highly acclaimed SEOnuking service run by Mo Taqi and responsible for multiple top rankings for his customers is based on my "From 0 To Profits" video training. Even though those videos were recorded in 2009, the method is still working today in 2011 .

Hi guys

I have just installed the most recent version of SENukeX before it gets released to the general public in about 10 days Smile

[Image: senukex.png]

I'm going to play a little bit with it to see what's new, and how powerful it is compared to the non-x version!

I'm very excited Tongue

I propose to review it in an interactive way... if there is anything you want to know about SenukeX don't hesitate to ask me.

Watch this thread - I will try to update it very regularly with my discoveries.

UPDATE 5th of APRIL 2011

Thanks a lot to everyone for all the interesting questions you asked after I posted my message above.

SEnuke X launches in a few hours now. Here is my review as well as some information about the SEnuke X bonus I will offer to the smart marketers who will purchase it through my affiliate link.

General overview of SEnuke X

If you are or have been a user of SEnuke, non-X version, you know how confusing the user interface used to be. One of the main reasons was the absence of a logical way to organize your campaigns.

We had access to different submission modules (social network, bookmarks, videos etc...) but no way to organize those submissions in relation to a backlinking campaign.

To make things even worse the URL manager was just a big collection of URLs of all the created pages. Interlinking our properties to strengthen our newly built networks was an art that few managed to master properly.

Despite of this, SEnuke 1st of the name was still an awesome tool allowing those in the know to catapult their sites to the top of Google.

With SEnuke X these defaults have become a thing of the past. The user interface has been totally revamped and the apparition of "campaigns" is really making things easier.

Here is a screenshot of the main window:

[Image: image000.jpg]

Let's explore the different parts of the software...

SEnuke X Modules - What's New?

All the different modules, or projects as they call them, are individually accessible via the "NEW" menu item.

The idea is that you have to add one or more modules to the active campaign (the one that is selected in the left panel). Those modules are basically the different kind of backlinks that you are going to create for one money site.

[Image: image001.jpg]

Let's have a look at each of them:

1. The Niche Research Module

Nothing new here, except the user interface being better organized.

Actually this module has a missing feature compared to SEnuke: the "search for affiliate programs on clickbank" option has disappeared.

I don't think this is a big loss anyway as you can just go to the clickbank marketplace and use their search function instead.

2. The Account Creation Module

This is via this module that you can create your different accounts on all the supported sites (except the forum accounts).

Here you can create accounts on:
  • Social Networks
  • Article Directories
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Video Sites
  • RSS Sites
  • Press Release Sites
  • Web Profile Sites (Forums excluded)

Here is the breakdown:

Total number of sites in SEnuke X before launch day = 840
30 social network sites
85 article directories
20 video sites
23 social bookmark sites
30 rss aggregators
62 web profile sites
54 press release sites
536 forum profile sites

Total number of sites in SEnuke = 352
31 social network sites
12 article directories
16 video sites
22 social bookmark sites
30 rss aggregators
241 web profile sites

This already impressive list is expandable and we can add new sites ourselves, more on that later.

Basically the way this module works is very similar to the "Web 2.0 Account Creation" module in SEnuke with a major improvement; we can now attach those accounts to specific profiles and have as many profiles as we want.

[Image: image003.jpg]

Later on, when we will use the different submission modules, we will just tell SEnuke X to use the accounts from a specific profile (hint: or to randomly use accounts from several profiles).

Another addition is this apparently useless but so needed option:

[Image: image004.jpg]

Why did I say "apparently useless"?

Well if you look at the top of the screenshot you will notice a tab "Verify Emails". When you display that tab you have a big button that allows you to:

[Image: image005.jpg]

So why use the aforementioned option (and wait 2 minutes after the account creation to verify the emails) when you can do it yourself immediately after the accounts have been created?

Well one of the huge improvements of SEnuke X is that it now has the ability to run 100% in the background. You create and setup your campaigns and let SEnuke X do all the work for you until it completes all the account creations and submissions.

Without such an option SEnuke X would sometimes require your attention.

3. The Social Network Module

This module allows you to post your articles to the available social network sites.

It is the equivalent of the "Social Network/Article Directory Nuke" module of SEnuke with a few important changes.

First, in SEnuke X this module only posts to social network sites. The article directories are available in another specific module.

For the other changes, please first look at this screenshot:

[Image: image006.jpg]

Outlined in red is the profile selector. You must select at least one profile and you can select as many as you have created.

If you select several profiles your articles will be posted from different accounts, making things look more natural as you will receive backlinks from different avatars.

Outlined in green are the 2 lists that will store the URLs of your newly created pages and RSS feeds.

In blue I wanted to bring to your attention a very useful column showing the date of your latest submission on each of those sites. This is a very useful information as it will help you to decide when you should use the "re-post to the same domain" option.

--- Note --- I'm still working on this review, more details to come ---


I couldn't participate to this launch without offering a bonus Smile

As you probably know by now, SEnuke and me... it's a loooong and very profitable story!

So here is my proposition to you, I will keep it short and to the point:

To get the most out of SEnuke X you just need 2 things:

1. Knowledge of the software (I mean advanced knowledge) to beat the other SEnuke X users. If you use the software like anyone else and use the templates all the other customers will have access to you're in for a real deception.

2. High quality spinnable content, and a lot of it, to feed the different submission modules. Ideally you want to promote your sites daily. And to get the best results from your daily submissions you will need a new spinnable article, each and every day.

My bonus covers those 2 points.

All the customers purchasing from my affiliate link will get:

1. Access to a private forum where we will talk about SEnuke X, SEnuke X and SEnuke X - and more... SEnuke X as good as it is will never be enough to attack competitive keywords. Doh... I said it!

2. FREE membership to my Ultra Spinnable Minis - this will allow you to use very high quality spinnable content in the different submission modules. You'll get access to the articles for as long as the service continues (I have no plan to stop it in case you're wondering Smile) and for as long as you remain a paying customer of SEnuke X.

Concerning the Ultra Spinnable Minis, depending on the SEnuke X plan you go for you will have access to:

* 1 topic (1 spinnable article per day, monday to friday) if you subscribe to the monthly plan.
* 2 topics (2 spinnable articles per day, monday to friday) if you subscribe to the SEnuke X yearly plan.
* 4 topics (4 spinnable articles per day, monday to friday) if you subscribe to the SEnuke X lifetime plan

You can choose between those 6 topics:

1. Internet Marketing related articles
2. Health & Weight Loss related articles
3. Amazon Product Reviews (Electronic products)
4. Green Living related articles
5. Automotive
6. Home & Gardening

1 membership costs $17 per month. So it has a real value of between $17 to $68 per month depending on the subscription plan you will choose.

You can get article samples on this page:

That's it - as you can see, there's no hype at all in my offer. I'm not trying to force anyone to purchase via my affiliate link but I know that the smart marketers who read this forum will understand the huge value of my offer.

Here are the steps you have to follow if you want to get access to my bonuses:


But you can still purchase through my affiliate link if you want Smile

Thanks for your time,
Vita Vee

PS: Just in case you need some proof that I know the SEO game, go to google and search for the following keywords (my ranked blog is

keyword elite (Ranking #2 just below the official site)
keyword elite 2 review (Ranking #1)
commission blueprint (#2 just below the official site)
commission blueprint 2 review (#1)
commission blueprint review (#1)
google cash detective (#1)
affiloblueprint (#2 just below the official site)
affiloblueprint 2 (#2 just below the official site)
im niche (#1 AND #2)
commission ritual (#1 ABOVE the official site)
etc... (hey... I'm not ranking for this keyword Smile)

These are just a few keywords from 1 blog. I have multiple sites and many other keywords I'm ranking very well for (top 3 with double or even triple listings).

PPS: Want to know what some of the members who have already seen the videos I have recorded think about them? Here are some of their posts in the private forum:

Thanks so much for this fantastic tutorial Vita, I would never have been able to figure all that out! - Silla

Thanks Vita...This training is awesome. I can't imagine trying to go at it without your guidance! - Beantown

Much more advanced than the videos on F0TP. I must watch them several times. That's why I purchased through your link, as you add great value to the SENukeX product. - Dimmy

Dang V2, that is pretty crazy linking...well time to get to it now - CarlosAmigos

Thanks for answering delphi911's question in such an excellent manner. I had been considering this also. Simply Genius. - Joemsub

Great tutorial as usual, i knew i made the right choice buying SenukeX through your link. - Marco69

Hi Vita,

A few questions -
1) Is Xfinder functionality integrated into Senuke-X or is it separate
2) Since this would run from a server is there any special care which users have to take to avoid leaving footprints.
3) Would it allow us to create a mesh of links using a linking diagram, or it has to be done as in the current way.

Hi Girish

What is XFinder, I don't see any such thing in there. Were you thinking about XIndexer instead?

If yes, then it is integrated with SenukeX yes.

About footprints I have not played enough with it yet to give a detailed answer but from my first impressions what is in there is enough: cache and cookies cleaner and proxy changer.

And if you want to run external softwares to clean more things or change your IP (like TOR for example) it seems you can:

[Image: toolbox.png]

About the mesh of links yes you can. You can visually design your submissions and even schedule them to be run on X number of days.

Hi Vita,

Thanks - I meant XIndexer.

You're welcome Girish Smile

I'm currently doing my 1st scheduled submission. I will try to give you some details with screenshots before the end of the weekend.

For now all I will say is WOOOOOW Thumbs Up

I'm very impressed and already have a pretty clear idea on how I'm going to nuke my competition... once again WAHAHAHA Big Grin

Nice one Vita Vee Smile

What are the major benefits of SENuke X over the original SENuke?
Thanks Infinity Smile

First there are muuuuch more sites to submit to. The list is almost endless.

There is also a wizard that helps you to setup a campaign more easily than in senuke. A campaign is a collection of actions, like:

1/ Create accounts
2/ Clear cookies
3/ Submit to web 2 sites
4/ Index pages created on web 2 sites
5/ Clear cookies
6/ Bookmark pages created on web 2 sites
7/ Index bookmarks
8/ Submit press releases linking to money site
9/ Clear cookies
10/ Submit press releases linking to pages created on web 2 sites
11/ Clear cookies
12/ Submit press releases linking to bookmarks
13/ Create forum profiles linking to pages created in steps 3, 6, 8

And you can do it all either visually or by using the stand alone modules.

One of the great things is that such campaigns run from start to finish without requiring any input from you (after you have setup everything of course, which still takes some understanding of what is being done behind the scenes).

The advantage of the wizard is that you can't get lost. It's pretty newbie friendly and at the same time it gives you enough flexibility to setup your campaign exactly like you want.

It has a funny option of auto generating content based on your keywords but I prefered to use my Ultra Spinnable Articles for my 1st submission. The autogeneration of content grabs articles from directories and then uses TBS to spin it automatically - but the result is pretty poor grammatically speaking and also you MUST keep the links of the authors intact if you don't want to break the TOS of the different directories Senuke X pulls its content from.

Oh I see Smile

Looks to be pretty awesome. Do you know how much it's going to cost once it gets launched? Smile

Other than the press release sites, what other types of new sites did they add to the software?
During the launch period we will be able to subscribe to SenukeX at a cost of $127 per month.

After the launch new subscribers risk to pay $147 per month. But from what I understood they are not sure yet about this price increase, eventhough I think it would be justified as the new version of the software has cost them something like $125K!

There will also be 2 other options that have been asked to Areeb and Joe Russell a multitude of times in the past:

1/ Lifetime license for $1,997
2/ Yearly license for $997

I think Mo Taqi will have to take a few dozens of lifetime licenses for SEONuking Wink

For the kind of sites you can submit to there are not a lot of additions - press releases and forum profiles (there is already the profile module in senuke but from what I see it's more forum oriented in SENuke X).

But the number of sites you can submit to is huge. Also the submission engine seems to be faster... well actually I'm not really sure about this since I have upgraded to a faster computer about 2 weeks ago and didn't use Senuke since then (I don't need to anymore thanks to SEONuking).

Watch this video, there is some footage of SENuke X in action:

[Image: video.jpg]
The following 1 user says Thank You to Vita_Vee for this post:
  • Mo_Taqi
I see... Smile

Yes, I don't use SENuke anymore either. Just relying entirely on SEONuking. Smile

But wondering if I should get SENuke X lifetime subscription because I need to build backlinks to the recent posts I make, and to some other Web 2.0 properties.

Since this one seems to be a lot more hands-free than the old SENuke, it might be a big time saver as well.

It would be worth it, but a bit pricey...
The following 1 user says Thank You to TheMysteriousMarketer for this post:
  • Mo_Taqi
A bit pricey for sure. But as a user of senuke (old edition) yourself you know how useful it is and how much money it can add to your bottom line.

Oh I forgot to mention something: we can now run up to 3 campaigns simultaneously and each campaign can be scheduled to run on X number of days.

Personally I'm a big fan of massive links and don't listen to those who recommend to go slowly (except during the initial phase of promotion), so I probably won't schedule my submissions on anything longer than 1 day Smile
Can't view the video. Goes to a blank page.
Hey Steve,

You need Flash player 9 minimum. You can get the FP 10 here:

This looks like a great tool!
Does Senuke X handle captcha solving automaticaly like xrumer does or does it still use human resources for solving capthcas?

With senuke, making a link wheel is easy but making a link pyramid is a nightmare, lots of manual tasks to do. With Senuke X, is it possible to design a link pyramid and sit and watch it to complete?
Video is not displaying.

Just wanted to take a glimpse of it.

But one thing i have learnt is that its better to outsource this kind of work.

Spend more time creating products and leave the tedious work to a group of workers you outsource.

Thumbs Up
Does SENuke X still give free captcha solving and proxy service? Smile
Found this vid on the graphical interface. Worth a watch:

However, shame this software is so expensive Sad

What is the justification of monthly fee software?
What is the extra added value you get for paying monthly?
Am I missing something?

My idea of a monthly fee for something - is like the USA articles - no problem at all with that. You get a brand new one each day for your ongoing subscription - it makes sense.

But this charging monthly for software at these kind of prices is a rip off to me. If it was $20 a month maybe, but this kind of money is crazy. To me you are paying for the same software over and over every month.

Take software like Windows 7 or Microsoft Office - that must take millions to develop but they dont charge a monthly rip off fee - so why do others?

Sorry, rant over now!!

You forgot that many sites change their layout very frequently so the software has to be updated on an ongoing basis. If it would be that easy there would probably be 10 other softwares for a one-time fee and they would make a killing. But something like this needs a lot of maintainance from the programmers to make it work. If you only have one site it would probably be smarter to outsource this stuff but if you have to build links to a lot of sites then the monthly price is worth it.
Is SenukeX still running on our desktop or server base?

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