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How long will Amazon take to approve my affiliate account? My account now has over 10 sales for 5 days but still, no approval from Amazon.

At 10 sales, you’re above the minimum 3 they require within the first 180 days. But this alone doesn’t guarantee your approval.

When you apply to their Associate Program, they look at all the sites, mobile apps, and social network accounts you have listed in your application.

For websites:

If you don’t have at the bare minimum 10 posts with robust original content, they will reject your application.

For mobile apps:

They must comply with their mobile application policy

For your social network accounts:

They must be with public access (no closed groups), with a good amount of organic followers and likes (at least 500 followers).

In any case, be patient – I have seen in some instances the approval process takes more than a month!


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