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Is Amazon killing off its affiliate program?

Amazon is not killing off its Associate Affiliate Program, but since April 21st, 2020, many product categories have been impacted by a significant reduction in commission rates.

Products that have been affected by Amazon’s decision:

Not all categories of Amazon’s program have been impacted by this drop. The list of affected products concerns, in particular, those in high demand currently, due to the confinement imposed in many countries:

  • Furniture, home renovation, products for gardens and pets: commission reduction from 8% to 3%,
  • Headphones, cosmetics, musical instruments, commercial and industrial supplies: from 6% to 3%,
  • Outdoor products and tools: from 5.5% to 3%,
  • Groceries: from 5% to 1%,
  • Products for sports, babies and childcare: from 4.5% to 3%,
  • Hygiene and health: from 4.5% to 1%,
  • Amazon Fresh: 3% to 1%.

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